A New Way to Discover Stocks

A web-based tool to help you discover and monitor US stock market on the Internet in real-time

Real-time Market Activity
and Sentiment

Spot the next GME or AMC before the squeeze with real-time data from sources like Reddit, Twitter, Newsmedia, and SEC Filings to help you stay ahead of the market.

  • Compare price movements with the market sentiment
  • AI based sentiment classfier for most accurate sentiment

User Features

User friendly features such as Watchlists, Portfolio Management, Ability to save content, and real-time alerts to help you get the most out of your investments.


Create a watchlist of your favorite stocks to monitor them easily

Portfolio Tracking

Understand the performance of your investments with our portfolio tracking

Saved Posts

Found something interesting? Bookmark it in your "Saved Posts" to see it later

Real-time Alerts

Coming Soon!

Set alerts to get notified in real-time for price movements or sentiment spikes

Powerful Filters and Intuitive UI

  • Powerful filtering to help you sort data by Stocks, Sentiments, Time, and many other parameters
  • Aesthetically pleasing visualizations and graphics to help you discover meaningful insights
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Data Sources

Financial Data

Live Quotes, Fundamentals, and Market Sentiment of over 10,000 securities


Monitor subreddits like /r/WSB and many others directly from Encome


Live Twitter stream monitoring to help you discover the next multi-bagger


Curating over 50 newsmedia sources to bring you the latest stock market news

SEC Filings

Get Earnings, Dividends, Corporate Actions, etc. via our real-time SEC Filings tracker

Other Databases

Level II Markets, Options, Futures, and more data coming soon!

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